What is a pop ad network?

Pop advertising networks are ad networks that offer mainly Popunder traffic to advertisers and affiliates. This type of ad network is now available almost everywhere, providing advertisers with a nearly endless supply of pop ad inventory and traffic. 

Pop ads are classified into Popups and Popunders. Popups appear when a new window opens on top of the current page. Popunders load under the current webpage and are only visible when the current window is closed. Many top ad networks use these formats because they are very popular and work for many types of offers, including Lead Generation, Pin Submits, Sweepstakes, Mobile Apps, Software, and Gambling.

Pop ads are prevalent with affiliate marketers because it is simple to launch a campaign quickly and begin seeing results. Pop traffic also has a lower operating cost than other formats and a low entry barrier.

Top 5 Pop Ads Networks (Popunders & Popups) in 2023

1. Adsterra


Adsterra is a global advertising network that spans over 240 GEOs and displays up to 2.2 billion pop ad impressions weekly. With over 21K of direct unique traffic sources, almost any type of ad offer can reach the right audience.

Advertisers and affiliates can apply over 20+ targeting settings to fine-tune traffic segments. The platform is truly versatile, opening opportunities for both scaling and optimizing any campaign. The platform is integrated with the most robust trackers, so it’ll be easier to monitor spendings and campaigns’ efficiency.

Top verticals on Pops: Utilities and Software, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Ecommerce and Sales, Games, Browser Extensions, Dating, and others.

Under the hood, advertisers open AI-powered tools like Traffic Estimator that can assess the current competition for traffic and help pick the optimal bid. Transparency is key to a good partnership, thus Adsterra displays its current traffic amounts (the Traffic Chart tab) and gives helpful clues on which offers are trending (the Offers Wishlist tab).

2. Adport.io


Adport.io offers multi-ad formats that can help you reach a global audience and boost revenue. Publishers and advertisers love this platform because they automate ad optimizations, saving you time. They offer multiple convenient payment options. Adport places ads in over 220 GEO-locations, making global reach easy.

Their targeting options include region, OS, device, etc. Adport also has tools to filter out bots to help you maximize organic profits. Their customer support is also great.To Contents ↑

3. Adcash


Adcash works with 100 RTB partners and receives 10 billion ad requests daily. It’s one of the top ad networks for desktop and mobile Popunder ads, which attract heavy traffic.

The pop ad network tracks competitive pricing and unique performance outcomes to ensure your ad campaign generates significant revenue. This ad network uses Global Postback URL (S2S) to track top-performing ads by token count. Advertisers can use the CPA target to improve ROI.

4. PropellerAds


PropellerAds works with Finance, Dating, E-commerce, Betting, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Games, Crypto gambling, etc. Desktop, mobile, in-app, and display ads are available. PropellerAds supports newcomers with low deposits and bids; they don’t require heavy website traffic. It’s a credible platform for advertisers, but only Platinum advertisers get account managers.

5. AdMaven


AdMaven offers Popunder ads, banners, new tab, lightbox, slider, interstitial, and more. AdMaven gives advertisers 500 million full-screen ad impressions daily to promote their brands. 

Even though this pop ad network is old, its features are more modern than some more recent ad networks. It also has a sophisticated self-service platform. You can launch campaigns in minutes using high-quality targeting features to reach the right audience.

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